Daily Back Pain Relief

We believe you shouldn’t have to struggle with daily back pain. We want to share a few simple lifestyle changes and some healthy habits you can build into your routine to really help keep stiffness, sore backs and inconvenience at bay. In a recent study, we found that 73% of the British public struggle with daily back pain. A lot of problems stem from simple inactivity. Work life and home life are often organised around sitting, looking at screens, bending our heads over technology. Much of this behaviour is an inevitable part of the modern world – and is entirely unlike the conditions our bodies evolved under. We weren’t ‘designed’ to sit still for hours, staring at one flat object a few inches away from our faces. So how can you fight to feel better?

Stuck at work?

  • Change – alter the screen so that it’s at eye level; make sure your chair lets you put your feet flat on the floor or use a footstool so you’re not straining your lower back.
  • Move – if you have to sit still at work, make sure you get up and move about every 20-30 minutes.
  • Reach – place objects further away. For example, instead of having that bottle of water close at hand, put it somewhere you have to stretch to grab it.
  • Shrug – stuck in an office chair all day? Roll your shoulders, turn your neck slowly all the way from right to left, move your eyes to focus on distant objects.
  • Fidget – shift your weight in your chair, keep your back moving – think about getting an active sitting aid, such as a Sitfit (we sell these in the clinic).


Stuck at home?

Exercise – A few minutes stretching and strengthening will go a long way to easing your back problems. You don’t need expensive equipment! Try this simple home exercise routine! Home Exercises for Fitness – no gym, no special kit

  • Walk – A few extra minutes walking can hugely benefit your back health. Get off the bus or park the car further away from your destination so that you can enjoy a longer walk.
  • Move – Don’t sink into that squashy armchair for hours. Get up and move every half an hour. Climb the stairs. Do some gardening. Walk round the block for 15 minutes. There are lots of ways to keep moving and stop yourself from stiffening up.
  • And by the way, don’t balance your laptop on a coffee table or on your lap (especially if you’re sitting on your bed).

Working from home?

We have a video for that too! https://sundialclinics.co.uk/posture/how-to-fix-a-poor-workstation-at-home/

If you’re worried about back pain, you don’t need to put up with it. Give us a ring to arrange a check up or book online – we really want you to feel better fast.