Sundial Clinics have become Brighton’s favourite clinics for back pain. But that’s not all. Here is a selection of the other problems that we can help you with.

We have been in Brighton since 1990. As a multidisciplinary clinic, we offer chiropractic, physiotherapy and massage to help a wide range of muscle and joint problems. We also use the latest tools and techniques along with rehabilitation exercises and advice to get you better as quickly as possible. We will tell you how you can help yourself to get better fast AND how you can keep well once we have done our bit.


Neck Pain

We treat neck pain with an effective step-by-step programme to rebuild a strong and healthy neck so you can lead an active and fulfilling life free from pain.

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Shoulder Pain

If you are fed up with shoulder pain and finding working, daily chores, sports and recreation or sleeping difficult then book a free consultation.

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The misery of recurrent headaches can be solved.  Fortunately, simple treatment can resolve headaches for good.

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Hip Pain

Even longterm hip pain responds well to the right care. Book a free consultation to discover how we can help.

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Knee Pain

Is it due to cartilage or ligament damage, osteoarthritis or referred pain? We can find out and help solve the problem.

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Sports Injuries

Get the same level of care that the professional sports teams to get you back into action as quickly as possible.

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