5 easy neck and shoulder stretches to do at work

Working at a computer for many hours every day causes muscles to tighten up and tire. This can lead to pain in the neck and shoulder and can even cause referred pain into the head and face – so-called cervicogenic headaches.

Here at Sundial we have developed a series of exercises to help. They are so easy you can do them at your desk and around the office without attracting too many funny looks!

Doing these exercises before aches and pain start is a good way to prevent discomfort from building through the day. You can do these exercises 3-5 times each day. Remember to keep breathing throughout and avoid pulling or pushing too hard. You should feel a gentle stretch but little or no discomfort. If you do feel pain during or after doing these exercises then see your local chiropractor. If you are in Brighton we’d be happy to offer you a free check to make sure everything is alright and you are doing the exercises properly.


Trapezius Stretch

Hold your right hand behind your back

Bent your head to the left

Hold 30 seconds


Levator Scapulae Stretch

Grab your head with your right hand

Pull your head forward and to the right

Hold 30 seconds


Suboccipital Muscle Stretch

Press on your chin with your hand until you feel a stretch on your upper neck

Hold 10 to 30 seconds


Pectoral Muscle Stretch

Hold your right forearm on a door frame with your elbow bent at 90 degrees and your arm parallel to the floor

Step your right leg forward

Hold 30 seconds



Push your arms forward as if you wanted to separate your shoulder blades to the maximum

Hold 30 seconds