Tips To Take Your Mind Off Back Pain

Would you be surprised to learn that the pain in your back reflects your general wellbeing?

In fact, your pain threshold is not fixed at all and you can take control of it.

Research into back pain shows that the ‘usual suspects’ of posture or weak core muscles aren’t as important as once thought. Like all pain, it feels worse when you’re stressed, overworked and lacking in sleep (along with other factors, like being overweight). And even the changes we associate with ageing don’t necessarily cause pain either. The experience of pain is very much affected by your mental attitude to it.

Can you feel better about pain?

It sounds like an impossibility, doesn’t it? But these research-based truths about back pain are actually very reassuring.

  • Back pain is rarely dangerous or life-threatening, even though it feels so unpleasant.
  • The pain you feel reflects how sensitive your muscles and nerves are – not how damaged they are.
  • Getting older does not inevitably cause back pain.
  • Backs don’t ‘wear out’. Moving and loading make muscles stronger – just pace yourself!
  • Evidence-based treatments can help, whatever your age.
  • Scans rarely show the cause of your pain – many of the conditions that show up on a scan are also present in people who actually feel no pain.

Stop Worrying!

Worrying about pain and damage inevitably sharpens focus on the discomfort and makes it a larger part of your daily experience. Remember, pain flare ups are not usually related to tissue damage. Common triggers are poor sleep, stress, tension, low mood, inactivity or unaccustomed exercise.

Respond to pain by staying calm, practising relaxation and continuing with gentle movements.

Instead of tensing up and dwelling on the pain, focus on thoughts of health, strength and wellbeing. Make guided relaxation and meditation part of your daily routine.

Try this gentle mindfulness meditation for back pain.

And make a point of booking in for a check up with the experts here at Sundial – we’re always happy to help.