Get a massage to feel better

massage at Sundial in BrightonWhy should I get a massage?

There are a few answers to this question, but I’ll start with one – you actually don’t need to have a reason! Getting a massage is, for most people, an enjoyable experience and you don’t need to be injured or suffering before you choose to come for a treatment. Depending on your lifestyle, regular treatment can act as a wind-down after a long week, a tool for motivation, or a brief pause in a hectic schedule. Using massage for self-maintenance is as good a reason as any.

That being said, massage can be also useful in treating many physical and mental conditions.

Massage for chronic pain

Pain is a very complex problem and people with chronic pain can often be suffering without a clear diagnosis or underlying cause for a long time.

The good news is that massage is a great pain-reliever! Treatments can work on their own or alongside the care advice from your doctor, chiropractor, physiotherapist or other specialist, for most chronic pain conditions. Even if you feel that your area of pain might be too sensitive for treatment, we can work with your comfort level and go very gently over the area or work on a different area altogether – you can still benefit from indirect treatment.

Massage for acute pain

Hurting yourself doesn’t feel good. Having a massage after an injury is a good way to help your body recover quicker and allows your mind to rest and recover too. Working around the injured area can help to relieve tight protective muscles and structures and receiving general work regularly while you recover may help you to de-catastrophize if you are worried about your injury.

Massage to improve posture

With a lot of us working from computers, laptops and phones these days, it’s easy to let ourselves slip into the well known over-the-desk slouch. Massage can help to create length and space across the often tight chest and allow the overstretched upper back muscles to rest. Work on the neck and shoulders allows the muscles to let go if we tend to clench our jaw or hold our shoulders by our ears while we focus. The same goes if you don’t fit into the WFH box and want to change your posture due to other reasons – massage is really flexible and we can work to improve whatever area you need help with. 

Massage for movement recovery

Tired arms from carrying a child? Intense session in the gym? Or just feeling achy? Gentle massage on tired muscles not only feels great but helps your muscles to recover quickly and allows you to get going again.

Massage for anxiety and depression

When you struggle with your emotional health, it can be difficult to find headspace sometimes. Having a massage treatment allows you some time to pause, slow down and zone out if you like. Physical touch can act as a distraction from a busy mind and help you to focus on the present moment. Mental health conditions can often manifest physically in our bodies and receiving work on tight muscles feels great and can help to improve your mood. Massage therapy can work on its own to improve mental health as well as alongside talking therapies or medical advice. Everyone is different and it is important that you figure out what works for you.

So if you think massage might help you book a massage with me and start feeling better now.








Rosie Denyer

Sundial massage therapist