Rosie Denyer
Massage therapist

01273 774 114

About Rosie

My experience and professionalism, as well as my qualifications to level 3 sports and remedial massage therapy, help clients reach their goals fast. Massage therapy is an integral part of health care and there are a large number of studies that prove how beneficial it can be for a variety of complaints and general well being. Examples include addressing muscular pain, reducing stress, and improving mood and muscle tone.

I lead a healthy, active lifestyle with a diet that supports healthy body function, and informs my work. I believe lifestyle, along with physical therapy, is the key to overcoming the stresses and strains of modern life. I use my knowledge to provide patients with effective stretches that relieve pain and maintain healthy muscles post-massage. I have an in depth understanding of the stress that modern life can place on the muscular system and have developed effective treatment plans for the resulting strains.

I am committed to working within the healthcare profession and am passionate about the role alternative therapy can play in the path to wellness. I am forever evolving as a practitioner and my long term goals are to pursue sports massage to aid my ability to advise clients on how to be their best.