Rosie Denyer
Massage therapist

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About Rosie

My experience and professionalism, as well as my qualifications to Level 3 sports and remedial massage therapy, help clients reach their goals fast. Massage therapy is an integral part of health care and there are a large number of studies that prove how beneficial it can be for a variety of complaints and general well being. Examples include addressing muscular pain, reducing stress, and improving mood and muscle tone.

Leading a healthy, active lifestyle with a good diet supports a healthy body. I believe lifestyle, along with physical therapy, is the key to overcoming the stresses and strains of modern life. Besides massage, I can provide you with effective stretches that relieve pain and maintain healthy muscles post-massage. Understanding the stress that modern life can place on the muscular system has helped me develop effective treatment for the resulting strains.

I’ve been working as a massage therapist since 2017 and I have been eager to learn more about massage and the body since completing my first diploma. I am qualified as an Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist, meaning I have an advanced understanding of anatomy and the pathologies that can affect us and cause pain.

During my treatments, I am guided by the biopsychosocial concept which is more commonly known as ‘mind-body connection’. Pain is often more than just what is happening in your physical body and the great thing about massage is that it can affect not only your muscles and connective tissues but your mind and mental health too. I use a combination of techniques such as trigger point therapy, myofascial release and classic swedish massage, that I feel will best serve my clients and what they need.

Massage can be an enjoyable experience for everyone; it is a flexible and ever-evolving practice. I believe that regular massage, along with stretching and self-care between treatments, can help relieve chronic pain and ease stress. I am committed to helping my clients to feel better, happier and free from discomfort.