How does chiropractic work?

Back treatment by chiropractorOur spine care works by restoring movement to stiff joints, relaxing tight muscles and relieving pain.

The fast pushes and prods you feel, move the joints of the back and neck. This physically stretches the joints and muscles which improves movement. The nerve endings are also affected and this stimulates a response in the brain which relieves pain and improves muscle function.
We use treatment by hand, manual therapy, which often causes clicks and pops from the joints as gas is released. You might be surprised to learn that as satisfying (or terrifying) as it seems, these clicks aren’t actually necessary for there to be full benefit. It is the fast stretching that is the useful bit.

There are several ways to get the same effect. The iQ instrument and the drop mechanism on the bench do the same thing as a manual adjustment but without the clicks. Other treatments work with a slow stretch like the flexion-distraction where the lower part of the bench moves down or when you lie on the wedges.

The technique we advise is based on the best approach for your problem. You can often choose which technique you prefer. We’ll let you know if there are any good reasons to choose a particular technique.