If you don’t like the clicking or popping associated with chiropractic manipulation then you are not alone. Lots of people don’t like the feeling or the sound as it can be a bit scary even though it actually, it is quite safe. So we use a range of gentle techniques that get the same great results with back pain and neck pain but without the clicking – such as our No-Click Chiropractic.

We use a special high-tech instrument, the Impulse iQ, which gently mobilises the joints by a soft tapping at just the right frequency to loosen up the stiffness. It is completely safe and is one of the reasons people choose us as we are the only clinic in the area to use them.

The Impulse iQ is a computerised adjusting instrument that has been developed to help us identify the problem areas and measure the spine’s response to the treatment. With this technology, spinal problems can be treated precisely with comfortable chiropractic adjustments that are 100x faster than traditional manual adjustments.

Key Features of the iQ

  • Extreme Speed – 100x faster than traditional manual adjustments
  • Equipped with a motion sensor to measure how well the problem area is functioning
  • The technology regulates the treatment in real-time to your body’s natural frequency
  • Auto-sense technology signals the device to stop the treatment when function is restored

Key Benefits of the iQ

  • Treating you at your body’s natural or resonant frequency allows us to use less force to accomplish the adjustments
  • Comfortable treatments
  • No twisting, turning or popping
  • Fewer side effects – i.e. soreness


FDA Registered, UL Listed, ISO 13485 Certified Medical Device