Why Chiropractic Care is Critical for Kids Who Play Sports

Kids sport is a big deal. 80-90% kids are actively engaged in at least 30 minutes of sport a month. Well, maybe in a normal month. The last year or more will have seen a drop because of Covid. Normally, the most popular activities are football and swimming – both great sports for posture, fitness and health in general.

Sports participation in kids has been linked to a whole host of benefits. Better fitness, stronger coordination and increased self-esteem are just the start. It also helps reduce obesity in teenagers which is running at 27% of boys and 20% of girls in the UK.

Sports injuries in children are common

While sports give kids a fantastic opportunity to grow socially and physically, they also increase risks for injuries, pain from overuse, and muscular imbalances. Although children participate in sports for enjoyment, the competitive element has become more prominent. A study shows that the number of young athletes training harder and longer to compete has increased year-round sport participation leading to an increase in injuries.

School children are often injured while playing sports. The percentage of injuries varies depending on the sport, but it is more common for boys to get hurt than girls and contact or jumping sports have higher rates of injury overall.

Kids’ skeletal systems are actively developing until about 25 years of age. Postural habits, previous injuries, and genetics play a role in their bodies’ final form and function. 

Sports have the potential to add a significant amount of stress and increase the chances of injury as children develop. Even small niggles to their spine can create bigger challenges down the road as they get older. 

Even minor sports injuries in children need attention

Addressing minor injuries and challenges while your child is young can help ensure proper musculoskeletal development. Youth sports can increase children’s likelihood of developing overuse, growth plate injuries, and chronic pain. Chiropractic and physio care here at Sundial is a safe and natural way to help your child stay active and perform their best and to ensure that they are healthy as they grow up.

Remember, don’t shrug it off if your child complains of back pain, headaches, or a stiff neck. Pain is a signal to “Pay Attention Inside Now.” Our practitioners are experienced at evaluating active children and creating kid-friendly care plans. Together, we can help your child stay engaged with their favourite sports for years to come.