Marathon Training Tips: take the simple, natural approach

Marathon training tips are easy to come by.  There are many many articles written about running and, of all the sports, this is where many so called experts seem to know it all. Especially when it comes to marathon distances. Guest contributor PT Pete shares his experience of natural marathon training.

If you flick through any of the running magazines you will read lots of different articles and written with many differing opinions. Some will suggest you run two long runs a week, others will say one long one and 3 shorter ones while others will suggest something completely different. They will often look very complicated, enough to put you off training in the first place!

Having run the Brighton Marathon and the London Marathon I get asked a lot about my training routines and you know what, I genuinely didn’t have a set routine.

I knew I had to run 26 miles. I hadn’t run more than 12 miles in one go so that was clearly the main goal, to run further that this. I decided I would run ONE long run a week, slowly increasing as felt right, and one or two short runs.

BUT…sometimes I did two long runs and that was it. I went with how I felt and still do. Trust your body to let you know what sort of shape you are in and how hard to train.

Marathon Training Tips

  1. Note some distances in your car, get to know your area in mileage and plan some routes and get out and start running.
  2. Allow enough time to train ( as in months ); know your fitness level and your starting point.
  3. Get some comfortable trainers (not the most expensive).
  4. Get a check up from a good physio. Sundial do a Runner’s MOT with Quentin. He’s great. See my story about how he helped me here.

Running is as natural an exercise as it gets, we’ve done it for thousands of years and it shouldn’t be complicated. There are some great routes around Brighton. Get out there and enjoy running around seeing the world from a different perspective!

PT Pete

Brighton based trainer PT Pete is one of the UK’s top trainers. He has worked all over the world as well as in some of the most exclusive London clubs. He has run marathons both here in Brighton and is now training for the Marathon des Sables – the toughest foot race in the world.