Why Medication Isn’t Recommended for Low Back Pain

At Sundial, we believe there are better ways to treat back pain than drugs. Research has shown the dangers of common medication, even over the counter non-prescription drugs with household names.

Although so-called non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s) can be purchased over the counter, it doesn’t mean they don’t have risks and dangers. As with any treatment, the risks must be weighed up against the benefits. If it doesn’t stack up, then other safer treatment option are better.

Why it Matters:
Over the past twenty years, we’ve seen the effects of NSAID medication change our healthcare landscape forever.

  • It’s estimated that there are about 65,000 such crises a year in the UK, mostly from internal bleeding
  • 12,000 hospital admissions and
  • 2500 deaths a year.

Leading healthcare organisations, including the NHS and NICE, have taken note and now recommend that movement-based care options, such as chiropractic, are explored for most low back issues before drugs. The added benefit? Most people who explore chiropractic care take far fewer medications than those who don’t. Why? Because it works. The care that chiropractors deliver ranks at the top of nearly every list!

Next Steps:
Medications are designed to mask the pain, not fix the problem. Receiving a complete and comprehensive evaluation is the first step towards finding relief. After discovering the cause of your pain, we can work together to craft a care plan that will help you reduce your pain so you can reach your health goals.

If you or someone you know is struggling with low back pain, call us today.


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