Our new treatment option without the clicks or pops

Chiropractic treatment with instrument

Many people don’t like the clicks and pops associated with spinal manipulation by chiropractors. We have a new treatment option without the clicks or pops that uses a sophisticated instrument to give gentle taps. It unlocks stiff joints, restores movement and relieves pain using a series of impulses that gently mobilise your spine to restore function. The instrument is called the Impulse iQ and it is available now.


Relieve stiffness and pain with the Impulse iQ:

  • The Impulse iQ is a high-tech handheld instrument that sends impulses to your spine.
  • It unlocks stiff joints, restores movement and relieves pain by tapping into the spinal cord with gentle taps.
  • This is the answer for people who don’t like the clicking or popping associated with traditional chiropractic care.

If you don’t like the clicking or popping associated with chiropractic manipulation then you are not alone. Lots of people don’t like the feeling or the sound as it can be a bit scary. So we use this gentle technique that gets the same great results with back pain and neck pain but without the clicking – we call it No-Click Chiropractic©.

Our high-tech instrument, the Impulse iQ, gently mobilises the joints by a soft tapping at just the right frequency to loosen up the stiffness. It is completely safe and is one of the reasons people choose us as we are the only clinic in the area to use them.

The Impulse iQ is a computerised adjusting instrument that has been developed to help us identify the problem areas and measure the spine’s response to the treatment. With this technology, spinal problems can be treated precisely with comfortable chiropractic adjustments that are 100x faster than traditional manual adjustments.

Chiropractors and physio’s generally treat patients with mechanical neck and back pain by managing the underlying causes of their pain and abnormal mobility-either through physical therapy, manipulation therapy or both.

The cervical spine can be manipulated by a chiropractor, but there are some risks. Another type of treatment for neck pain is the Impulse iQ

This new electromechanical device has recently been developed in the USA and tested for delivering multiple high velocity, low amplitude thrust manipulation to the spine. The device provides real-time feedback on the applied treatment. It tells us when the treatment has worked and unlocked the stiff joint or tight muscle with a series of beeps and a light display.

It is the most sophisticated instrument for spinal mobilisation available today and is the only one available in this area.

Although we still use traditional chiropractic care, it can be uncomfortable for patients who don’t like the clicking or popping, and many people won’t go back because of it. If you’re looking for a new way to get rid of your back pain without dealing with that noise then we have got an answer just for you!

Gentle chiropractic treatment

We offer gentle chiropractic treatments using Impulse iQ instrument as opposed to manual manipulation by hand which uses clicks and pops – no more clicking noises or cracking sounds here at all. Our high-tech device gently mobilises joints by soft tapping on them with impulses delivered at exactly right frequency so it’s safe too!

The Impulse iQ works quickly to relieve pain and muscle tension that cause back and neck pain. You’ll feel safe and comfortable during treatment with our Impulse iQ instrument. It is as equally effective as more vigorous spinal manipulation – in fact it is more effective for some people.

If you have felt sore after neck or back manipulation then you are not alone. Lots of people experience soreness the day after spinal manipulation, but with our gentle Impulse iQ instrument it is eliminated and you will feel great afterwards!

Ease pain, stiffness or tightness in the back or neck by booking an appointment with one of our chiropractors today!



Key Features of the iQ

  • Extreme Speed – 100x faster than traditional manual adjustments
  • Equipped with a motion sensor to measure how well the problem area is functioning
  • The technology regulates the treatment in real-time to your body’s natural frequency
  • Auto-sense technology signals the device to stop the treatment when function is restored

Key Benefits of the iQ

  • Treating you at your body’s natural or resonant frequency allows us to use less force to accomplish the adjustments
  • Comfortable treatments
  • No twisting, turning or popping
  • Fewer side effects – i.e. soreness


FDA Registered, UL Listed, ISO 13485 Certified Medical Device