College of Chiropractors awarded a Royal Charter

Matthew Bennett and the Royal Charter

The College of Chiropractors has been awarded a Royal Charter. We found out last week the fantastic news that the Her Majesty the Queen had granted this prestigious award though the Privy Council. One of our chiropractors, Matthew Bennett, is on the board of the College of Chiropractors. “This is the first time that an emerging profession has been granted a Royal Charter. It recognises the marvellous work the College does in promoting patient safety, research and quality of care. We all very proud” says Matthew.

The College of Chiropractors was formed in 1999 to promote excellence in practice. It has over 1200 members in the UK and links with several other bodies around the world. It has headquarters in Reading but runs post-graduate courses all over the country. Matthew is the Director of Graduate Training responsible for 200 trainers and their trainees. He also teaches on the graduate programme as well as mentoring new graduates locally.

A Royal Charter is rarely granted and signals permanence and stability and, in the College of Chiropractors’ case, recognition of the innovative approach the College brings to the development of the chiropractic profession. The Royal Charter essentially formalises the College’s position as a unique, apolitical, consultative body, recognising its role in promoting high practice standards and certifying quality and thus securing public confidence.

Matthew adds “This new award for the College of Chiropractors puts it on a similar footing to the other Royal Colleges in medicine and dentistry. Our team has worked for a decade to achieve this.” Whilst the new College has a long way to go to match the prestige of its bigger brothers it is a big step towards recognising the value that the chiropractic profession can bring to healthcare in the UK. This can only be a good thing for the millions of people who are still suffering from back pain, neck pain and other spinal health problems. As chiropractic care becomes more widely available in the NHS the College of Chiropractors will play massive role in ensuring quality of care and high standards of practise.