Chiropractic on the NHS

Do you think chiropractic should be available on the NHS? A new study shows how effective chiropractic on the NHS can be. The research into a pilot scheme in Essex has just been published and it shows that more than 99% of patients referred were satisfied with their care. Interestingly chiropractors worked alongside osteopaths and physios to get these favourable results.

When a patient went their GP with back or neck pain they were assessed and could be referred into the manual therapy program. They were sent to their choice of chiropractor, osteopath or physio and were seen within 2 weeks. Gone were the long waiting lists for referral to other NHS services.  Gone was sole reliance on a fistfull of drugs and a photocopied leaflet of exercises. Patients had a series of about six sessions of manual therapy, guided exercises exercises and advice.

Two out of three of these patients showed good improvements in their pain levels and daily activities. Importantly, nearly half had had pain for a year or more with very little relief. Finally they found something to help them.

Of the 696 people who went along to these therapists most reduced their medication as well.

Brighton Chiropractors and Physio’s Working Together

Here at Sundial we have chiropractors and physio’s working alongside each other too. Although we are wholly in the private sector at the moment we support getting NHS cover for our patients. For this reason we support the Health Care Bill which is attracting so much controversy at the moment.

If you want chiropractic more widely available on the NHS ask your GP to consider it.


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