Acupuncture and homeopathy to reduce symptoms of perimenopause.

Acupuncture BrightonThough the severity is variable, most women report experiencing some symptoms once they enter the perimenopausal phase of their lives, which may last anything from months to years until their periods cease at menopause. The average age for menopause is 50 with perimenopause generally starting in the mid 40’s although it is not uncommon for women to experience premature menopause and the onset of these symptoms in their late 30’s and early 40’s.

Common symptoms during this time include:

-Changes to the normal pattern of menstrual cycle with heavier or lighter bleed.
-Hot flushes.
-Night sweats.
-Difficulty sleeping.
-Reduced libido.
-Vaginal dryness.
-Low mood, anxiety.

Case study:

44-year-old Etta was struggling and came to see me for treatment of her increased anxiety and extremely low moods, erratic menstrual cycle, low backache & hot flushes.
Having taken her case history it was evident that in the terminology of Chinese medicine it would be necessary to rebalance her kidney, heart and liver energy.
A weekly treatment plan of acupuncture was undertaken and homeopathic remedies were prescribed. Dietary changes were also suggested to help support with the inclusion of phytoestrogens such as cabbage, fennel, sage, alfa  & EFA’S.
Improvement was shown after the first treatment with Etta reporting a reduction in anxiety, hot flushes, and backache. After six weekly sessions a 29-day cycle was established and mood lifted. She now comes for monthly sessions to maintain her health and wellbeing addressing any symptoms that may arise.

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