Female Fighters 05 Oct – 18 Nov. A photography exhibition by Amelia Shepherd at Sundial

Come and join us for a private of viewing of the extraordinary images from Brighton photographer Amelia Shepherd.  Amelia will be presenting her portfolio of Female Fighters at Sundial Queens Road.

Here she will be available to talk about her work, her motivation and her sport.


Amelia has worked as a documentary photographer focused on self-defined projects for the past six years. In 2010 she graduated from London College of Communication with an MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism.

Female Fighters is a year-long project combining Amelia’s passion for story telling with her interest in engaging communities.  Amelia has created a citywide exhibition with a street presence where the interface between artist, participant and audience is intermingled. Utilising the streets to present one part of this work offers opportunities to passers-by to connect with the subjects. These unexpected encounters in unusual locations create a poignant layer of audience engagement.

A compelling set of portraits of female kick-boxers is presented along with multimedia installations that challenge common representations of women, offering insights into their multi-layered lives. The concept developed through Shepherd’s own practice in kick boxing – She says “Generally reactions focus on ‘aggression’ or ‘violence’. These ill-placed misconceptions motivated me. I’m interested in how such labels affect us as females.”