Migraine Awareness Week

Headaches - Causes and TreatmentsAs Migraine Awareness Week comes to an end we look at some of the ways chiropractic can help treat migraines and headaches.

Migraines affect about 1 in 6 people in the UK and, as you know if you are one of them, can completely wipe you out. There are two main types of migraine:-

Classical migraine

These migraines have early warning signs like flashing lights in the eyes or loss of a vision; tiredness or a stiff neck. This is known as the aura.

Common migraine

Here there are no warning signs.

Sometimes migraines get confused with an ordinary headache. Ordinary headaches will often ease on lying down but a migraine is less likely to. Migraines can often throb on one side only where as a cervicogenic headache doesn’t throb and is often on both sides of the head. Migraine sufferers often report a sensitivity to light or sound, nausea and vomitting too.

Migraine treatment

Medication is the first line of defence that GP’s use. Sometimes if taken early enough the drugs can prevent or lessen the severity of an attack. Many people find the drugs have side effects which can put them off taking them. Fortunately there are other treatment options.

Chiropractors BrightonChiropractic may help with migraines. A recent study reviewed the best research and found that manipulation can improve migraines and help prevent them coming on so frequently. At Sundial we regularly see people with migraines and often get positive feedback from sufferers.

If you come in to see us for migraines we will check your spine, particularly in the neck, to see if there are any problems here that may contribute to your problem. Some of the blood vessels that supply the brain come up through the spine itself. Although the mechanism for causing migraines is unclear  sorting out these neck problems seems to help.

If you would like a chiropractic check up for migraines then give us a call.