Richard helps lead breakthrough in antibiotic treatment for back pain

Richard Hollis

Back pain treatment breakthroughs are rare. Yesterday the most important breakthrough in back pain care in a generation was announced.  It has been found that antibiotic treatment may hold the key for millions of back sufferers.

A top research team found that some chronic, long-standing back pain is caused by an infection.  The researchers estimated this accounts for up to 40% of long term back pain sufferers and could save the NHS millions of pounds a year.

Richard Hollis, chiropractor at Sundial Clinics in Brighton, also practices at London centre set up by the Danish research group who identified this condition. Richard is currently the only practitioner in Sussex certified to identify and help manage treatment for this new condition.

Peter Hamlyn, a consultant neurologist and spinal surgeon at University College London yesterday said “Make no mistake this is a turning point, a point where we will have to re-write the textbooks.” He added, “It is the stuff of Nobel prizes.”

Sundial chiropractor Richard said “These back pain sufferers typically didn’t respond to treatment and not only do we now know why, for most of these sufferers there is a cure”

Richard added “In years to come I expect this treatment, MAST, will become standard for people with Modic disease. We are talking about probably half of all spinal surgery for back pain being replaced by taking antibiotics which would save the NHS about £250m let alone the savings from decreased medication and time off work”.

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For information on certified clinicians and MAST treatment see here.