Matthew talks to BBC on back pain in children

Brighton Chiropractor Matthew Bennett talks to the BBC about back pain in children

Nearly half of Britain’s children have suffered from back pain before reaching their 11th birthday, new research has found. Dr Matthew Bennett, from Sundial, talked to BBC’s Newsround about it. Experts believe the trend is largely down to children’s sedentary lifestyles.

A survey by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) found that 45 per cent of 11-year-olds have experienced back pain, and 32 per cent of youngsters have had problems by the age of six or seven. More than four fifths of six to 15-year-olds admitting that they spend most of their half term sitting down for computer games or television.

Matthew Bennett from Sundial Chiropractic Clinic, in Brighton commented: ‘This survey clearly highlights the alarming rate at which back pain is growing within the UK.’

Dr Bennett advised parents to ensure their children do not carry unnecessary items in their bags and that they wear a rucksack with a strap over each shoulder.

He also described the nation’s lack of exercise as ‘children’s number one enemy’ and asked that parents encourage spending time outdoors being active. On cold and wet days this can be a challenge.  Active games indoors can help and whilst gadgets like the Wii Fit may have a role there is no substitute for running around, ball games and balance activities outside.

Click on the image below to see Matthew talking to BBC’s Newsround:

Brighton Chiropractor Matthew Bennett talks about back pain prevention for childron on BBC's Newsround