Is Avoiding All Fats The Most Effective Way to Lose Weight?

Sundial’s Nutritionist, Shirley Ward provides some clarification:

The “Right” Fats for Weight Loss

Believe it or not, certain dietary fats really can help towards weight loss, but only if you make the right choices.  We all know eating too much red meat and full-fat dairy is closely linked with weight gain, due to their high saturated fat content.  But the good news is you can help achieve weight control by ensuring regular consumption of “essential” fats, so named as the body actively needs and uses these to function efficiently.

“Essential” fats are one of the three key food groups we need to consume daily to achieve and maintain good health.  Our bodies can’t produce these fats, so we need to ensure a regular supply through dietary sources such as oily fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines, anchovies), flax seeds/oil, avocados, un-salted nuts and seeds.  These can help towards achieving blood sugar balance, which is a key factor in weight loss and control.  Suggestions to achieve this are oily fish twice a week, ½ an avocado 3 times a week (try topped with cottage cheese/hummus or on rye bread/crackers with hummus, a small handful of unsalted nuts or seeds every day or a daily tablespoon of flax seed oil (can be drizzled over porridge/salads/soups).

Another reason for reducing sources of saturated fats in your diet is that in excess, these can actually reduce levels of “essential” fats, so will work against your goal of weight loss and control.

Carrying excess weight can also contribute to back pain & other joint pains. I addition,  a variety of studies  confirm anti-inflammatory properties within “essential” fats, which may help towards reducing both back and joint inflammation and pain.  Studies confirm supplementing with pure fish oil capsules or flax seed oil capsules may provide some arthritis and back pain sufferers with effective relief from inflammation and pain (though check with your GP first if on medication).

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The above is provided as general nutritional advice.