Advanced fitness exercises to do at home

Advanced fitness exercises to do at home by Brighton chiropractor, Matthew BennettIf you are fit already but want to push it to the next level then this video is for you. You can do these exercises at home with no special equipment or gear but they will work up a glow in a few minutes.

How do I know this routine works? Because I do it at karate class each week. Ten years ago I started doing karate, mainly as something we could do as a family. My wife and son have stopped training but I found I really liked it. The combination of focus, fitness and flexibility means that I am fitter than I’ve been in 20 years! I am training for my black belt now, and although that is some way off, the challenge keeps me motivated to push myself hard.

The exercises are based on the routine that I do at the karate classes. I do the exercises once or twice every week even during lockdown. Doing a karate class by video link is an odd experience but easy to adapt to. This video will show you what to do.

The programme of exercises have a lot of fast bouncy movements, so-called plyometric exercises, which build speed and strength but they do it safely with minimal stress on the joints and muscles. As in other forms of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) the timings are important too. 30-60 seconds going at it as hard as you can followed by 15-30 seconds rest means you get maximum exertion and benefit in the shortest time. The fitter you are the longer you can go and the shorter the rests should be. Don’t go nuts and overdo it. Start gently and gradually build the intensity. The exercises use your own body weight so it is hard to overdo it. I have picked the ones that are safe for the back so these home exercises will suit you if you have had a previous back problem.

Home Exercise Dos and Don’ts

Do this exercise programme two to four times a week with at least a day off in between. Remember that muscle builds in the rest between exercise sessions. Don’t skip the warm-up and warm down. Simple as they seem, they are important to stop picking up an injury. Don’t do this programme if you have a painful back or other injury. It is not designed for rehab and recovery from such things. If that is you then do the Simple Home Exercise programme or theĀ  3 Best Exercises for Back Pain. If you still have problems or just want to get advice then contact us for a free consultation.

Feel free to share this with others who may want to improve their fitness at home.


Matthew Bennett
Sundial Clinic Principal