Neck pain can come on because of poor posture or an injury which causes stiff spinal joints and tight muscles.  The key to beating neck pain is to understand the cause and then to get effective treatment. We treat neck pain with an effective step-by-step programme to rebuild a strong and healthy neck so you can lead an active and fulfilling life free from pain.

Our award-winning team works hard to understand your problem and deliver effective treatment to solve your neck pain.

Solve your neck pain with three simple steps…




At your free consultation we listen to you and examine you thoroughly to ensure that we fully understand your problem.



We explain what is wrong and the root cause behind it. We set out a treatment plan unique to your specific needs.



By following the treatment plan, your pain will be relieved and your problem addressed quickly and effectively.


Cause of neck pain

Neck pain is caused by irritation to the joints, discs, muscles or nerves of the spine. This happens with repetitive minor trauma such as working at a desk or, more rarely, by a single traumatic injury such as a fall or car crash. It can also be caused by inactivity which causes the joints of the spine to stiffen up and the neck support muscles to become weak such as working on a laptop for long periods.

If the joints of the neck get stiff they are less able to carry out normal movements and this can lead to further joint irritation, stiffness and pain. This is often called Facet Joint Syndrome. The nerves around the stiff joints get irritated too and send alarm signals into the nervous system which can cause further symptoms such as tingling and pain referred down the arms or even headaches.

Facet Joint Syndrome

Treatment for neck pain

Making an accurate diagnosis is crucial to solving neck pain quickly as the treatment for different sorts of neck pain is not the same. Stiff joints benefit from gentle manipulation or mobilisation to loosen them up; muscle spasms get better quickest with deep pressure and stretching techniques and disc bulges improve with well with decompression techniques and specific advice on daily activities as well as exercises.

Exercises help with almost all neck problems, although they differ depending on the exact cause of the neck pain. One thing is the same for all neck problems though – an accurate diagnosis is required for treatment to be effective.

If you are not a fan of the back clicking that chiropractors are known for you can choose our No-Click Chiropractic for a gentle yet effective approach.

In addition to unlocking stiff joints, exercises that you can do at home help with almost all neck problems. One thing is the same for all neck problems though – an accurate diagnosis is required for treatment to be effective.

Facet Joint Syndrome Treatment


Trapped nerves in the neck

The cause of a trapped nerve in the neck is often a bulging disc, sometimes called a slipped disc, herniated disc or prolapsed disc. The bulging disc in the lower neck presses on the arm nerves as they come out of the spine on its journey down the arm to the hand. This can cause so-called brachialgia which is like sciatica but in the arm. The pain can be incredibly intense and can leave you unable to work or sleep properly for days or even weeks. Fortunately, it can usually be treated easily with the techniques we use here at Sundial which speeds up the healing process.

Trapped nerves in the neck cause symptoms that are often described as a deep burning or electric type pain in the upper back going down the back and outer part of the arm and on to the wrist or hand. It is often accompanied by numbness, tingling and funny sensations on the skin. Arm and wrist muscles can often go weak which can prevent you from raising your arm or gripping tightly. Rarely, this can become permanent so prompt treatment is recommended.

Treatment for trapped neck nerves

Early treatment for a trapped nerve is recommended as the longer it goes on the harder treatment gets and the less likely as a successful outcome is. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication from the GP or pharmacist is helpful and is backed up with disc decompression techniques and spinal mobilisation here at Sundial. Exercises form an important part of the programme and consist of several easy-to-do movements at home without any special equipment.

Most shoulder and arm pain gets better by itself but it can take months to go. Early expert treatment can speed up the process and make a successful outcome more likely.

As with other sorts of neck pain an accurate diagnosis is important so that you get the right treatment. It might seem that an X-ray or MRI scan is a good idea to show what the problem is. Unfortunately, this has not usually shown to be the case. The discs and nerves don’t show up on X-rays and MRI scans often don’t help pinpoint the cause of the pain or improve the treatment. The most important thing is a thorough examination by an expert in neck problems.

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What makes Sundial special?

We understand how frustrating a bad neck can be and the anxiety it causes in doing even simple things. Nobody should have to put up with ineffective treatment or put their life on hold because of neck pain. We have treated nearly 30,000 patients over 30 years. When asked, 94% say they are satisfied or very satisfied.

Our excellent results are due to the fact that we are the only clinics in Sussex to have chiropractors and physiotherapists working together to deliver the best care. This team approach is more effective at finding the cause of back and neck pain and treating it effectively.

If you are fed up with pain and worried about being inactive, unfit and struggling to concentrate at work then book  a free consultation now.


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