Khee Yen Wee
BSc Hons, physiotherapist

About Khee

I know what having an injury and being unable to do the sport I love means. As an athlete, my experiences with injuries gave me the opportunity to work closely with physiotherapists and allowed me to benefit from their expertise. I know how effective they can be.

In 2015, I graduated with a BSc in Health Sciences in Texas, USA, on a full athletic scholarship to play tennis for Sam Houston State University. Subsequently, I moved to England to pursue a BSc in Physiotherapy (Hons) at the University of Birmingham. Prior to my undergraduate education, I was a full-time tennis player who represented my country (Singapore) in international junior and women’s tennis tournaments, including the World Juniors, Federation Cup, and South-East Asian Games.

My main area of expertise now is in musculoskeletal injuries, injury prevention, and pain management, and I enjoy working with people of all ages, from recreational to professional athletes and non-athletes. I focus on integrating evidence-based practice through a holistic approach with treatment sessions tailored specifically to each person’s needs in order to restore and improve movement and function, and ultimately helping my clients to achieve their goals and return to activities that they enjoy.

Brighton physio, Khee, working on athlete at Commonwealth Games 2022
Working at Commonwealth Games, 2022