Exercises for golf

Many golfers do exercises before golf but are they the right exercises? Often golfers are unintentionally injuring themselves because, rather than being shown what to do they simply copy what everyone else does. Interestingly stretching before a game may actually be harmful to golf performance.It is better to warm the muscles up by gently using them.

Exercises for golf- the warm up

* Start by gently shrugging then rotating the shoulders five times in both directions
* Rotate the wrists in both directions
* Rotate the ankles in both directions
* Rotate the trunk as if doing the hula-hoop
* Paddling the Canoe and shoulder figure 8 (Exercises for Golf)

    It is useful to slowly practice the swing focusing on precision and controling this exercise. In fact in can be harder to swing a golf club slowly than quickly. Practice your swing several times before even approaching a ball.

    Here are a set of simple flexibilty and strengthening exercise that anyone can do to improve golf performance and help prevent injury.

    Exercises for golf- the warm down

    * Push the palms together and push down to stretch the forearm muscles that causes Golfers Elbow.
    * Push the back of the hands together  and push them up to stretch the other forearm muscles
    * Low back side bend stretch
    * Posterior and Anterior shoulder muscle stretch (Shoulder Exercises for Golf)

    Past 40 years old we lose about 1% of our muscle mass every year and our joints stiffen and start to wear. As a result we lose flexibility and strength. These simple golf exercises will help prevent this gradual problem or at least slow it down.

      Exercises for Golf

      Shoulder Exercises for Golf

      Pick a couple of exercises that you like the look of and start slowly. A bit of soreness for a day or two afterwards is normal when you are not used to the exercises. As your strength and flexibility improve build in more exercises until you are doing the lot.  If you feel significant pain then stop. Come in for a check up if you are near us or see you local chiropractor if not.

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