Brighton Half Marathon runners’ offer

The Brighton Half Marathon is in just over two weeks time and we are entering a team as well as sponsoring the event with our Massage Tent. It might be a bit late to enter if you don’t run regularly as one of our previous team members found out. Becky had never attempted 13.1 miles before race day. She did look pretty tired afterwards.

runner recovering and stretching
Sundial receptionist, Becky, recovering after her first half marathon

Sundial is a proud sponsor of the Brighton Half Marathon and we love it. We run the Massage Tent with a team of volunteers and Sundial staff. Pre- and post-race massages help recovery and prevent muscle soreness. We also do pre-race taping for those brave souls, weekend warriors and even serious athletes who run despite not being in their best shape. This supports the fantastic work that the Sussex Beacon does and allows them to continue helping those with HIV lead active and fulfilling lives.

Running recovery

If you are running anyway, or even if you are not, then we have loads of things to support you. James, our physio, is doing a free Runner’s MOT in the clinic. He will check you out top to bottom concentrating on your footwear and leg and foot movements. You will get an in-depth risk profile of the likelihood of future running injuries and a plan for prevention. This is free for all Sundial clients and any Brighton Half Marathon runners. Contact us to book in.

Got an injury or want to reduce muscle soreness? We are also offering 50% off one pre- or post-race massage here at Sundial for race entrants. If you want a massage on the day you can visit our massage tent near the finish too. Massage is great for relieving stiff muscles and helping or preventing lots of running injuries. Call to make an appointment or book online.

Check out our video from last year’s event