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Neck pain: In just 3 visits the improvement has been remarkable. I have practically no pain/soreness at all now.
Philip Butterwoth.
I am still getting twinges in the lower back but it is work in progress. Thank you for all your support and hard work Alice. I wish I had been to see a chiropractor years ago.
Heather S.
Chronic knee pain:  For several visits I felt there was very little improvement but Alice kept at the core treatment as well as a few new ones. After the last treatment I noticed a rapid and remarkable improvement over the past two week period. Now I feel almost pain free and capable of attempting many activities I have not been able to such as swimming, walking up several flights of stairs or hills. I would like to thank Alice for using her skills to resolve the problem in such a short period.
Niteen G, 66
Chronic low back pain: Not only has the pain been reduced dramatically, my movement has improved and my recovery after strenuous activitied is soo much fast. I’m very happy.Due to the ongoing improvment I have been able to increase my work and go back to my usual social activities including volleyball and gym.
Simon H, 30
Patello-femoral pain: I attended appointments with James over about 10 months and always found him to be friendly and supportive. He tried various techniques with me to find exactly what worked for me. We tried different physio exercises to build up the strength in my knees and the pain has reduced massively. I am really grateful for his help, and the lovely team at Sundial who are always welcoming and kind.
Charlotte S
I first went to Sundial in 2011, then had to go back in 2012 when I first met Quentin Guichard for treatment. Due to the Fibromyalgia I suffer from I have seen and been treated by many physiotherapists throughout the years but none as good as this chappie. A lot of physiotherapists, when not knowledgeable with regards to my Fibromyalgia, can make things a whole lot worse. But Quentin is knowledgeable, thorough, patient and really cares about your well being and he has most definitely got the Midas touch. Not only one of the best physiotherapists I’ve had but any treatment I’ve had from him has been a success and without his magic touch I would not have been able to meet my deadline for my novel and get it published. I would thoroughly recommend Quentin and Sundial. Thanks again guys and happy Yuletide and a fab new year!
For some time I had a sore burning pain in my right heel and thought it was just a shoe that had rubbed.  The heel became quite swollen and became increasingly worse.  I realised that this problem needed professional care when the pain continued to worsen and I was in excruciating pain all the time; even when I was resting or in bed.  I went to see James and he diagnosed me as having achilles tendinitis.  After a few weeks of regular deep tissue massage, laser treatment and a list of exercises for me to too several times a day, I started to slowly improve.  I also purchased some very good trainers and this has helped me walk with ease.
Nicola Perkins
I first went to see James towards the end of 2013, having experienced left knee pain for several months. At the first visit James explained the likely causes and, in addition to treatment at his studio, prescribed a series of home exercises which he clearly explained and followed up with a confirmatory e-mail. 

James set out a clear time scale for treatment, establishing the point beyond which he would suggest specialist investigation if his treatment programme had not begun to cure the complaint.  Although the condition did not improve following this initial period of treatment, an MRI scan revealed no physical damage to my knee and I returned to James for ongoing treatment.   A sequence of physiotherapy and home exercises continued over the next few weeks and gradually the condition improved until it completely cleared.

At all stages of my treatment with James, it was made clear what the purpose of the various home exercises was, how they should be carried out and what kind of reactions might be experienced.  I found James to be professional and personable during the course of my treatment and I knew what was going on throughout.  Most importantly, of course, he fixed the problem!

I would certainly recommend James’ services in the future.
Lee Ashton

We were staying in Brighton & with my wife’s father having recently passed away, we felt we really needed a de-stressing massage. We’re really please to say that Jewel was a really fantastic find!

My wife & I felt *so* much better after our first session with her that we went back for more 🙂

Very highly recommended!
Vinden & Eve
Property Partners & Mentors

When I first visited Sundial I had been experiencing ongoing back and neck pain from a car accident the previous year. Physio treatment (not at Sundial) hadn’t really helped and I’d been told to seek ‘pain management’. This is when I booked an appointment with Ben.

I really hoped chiropractic treatment could help but didn’t expect to be ‘cured’. But it’s been nothing short of a miracle as I’m now totally pain free and my back is better than it’s ever been. I had resigned myself to giving up yoga and cycling, which both caused increased pain, but now I’m back attending classes and pedaling along the seafront! I really can’t recommend Sundial highly enough – thank you Ben!
Debbie Warren

I came to see James at the Sundial Clinic after injuring some ligaments in my ankle just two months out from a marathon. Through laser therapy, massage, taping, and a prescription of strengthening exercises, as well as James’s patient advice and recommendations, I was able to get back to running as soon possible. I fully recovered from the injury, not only completing the Berlin marathon with no pain at all, but even managing a personal best. I plan to continue to do my strengthening exercises to help with my running and avoid any repeat injuries. I’m really pleased with the speed of my recovery and would not hesitate to recommend James to anyone requiring physiotherapy.
Alison Macarthy
I had been having severe pain all round my ribcage for several weeks after landscaping the garden with 4 tons of cobbles. I was living on pain killers and at the end of my tether. A friend at work suggested the Sundial Clinic so, without much hope, I went and began the 1st of 6 chiropractic treatments with Ben. I presented a challenge as I was going abroad in 2 weeks time and would be away for several months so the treatment time was very limited. It’s been like a miracle. I am no longer waking at night in pain and am managing with only a minimum of pain relief medication. I have been advised that I may still have symptoms for a while but I am on the road to recovery. I recommend anyone with musculoskeletal problems to take themselves to the Sundial Clinic. The staff are welcoming and efficient, the premises comfortable, and the ambience reassuring. Thank you Ben, my hero.
Lesley Backshall
Quentin Guichard, as part of the Sundial Kemptown Clinic service, was exemplary in every respect both as a physiotherapist practitioner and in terms of patient customer service and support. He was patient, gentle,thorough. He explained the problem, the likely prognosis and the rationale for his treatment. He followed up treatment sessions with email exercises and showed a genuine concern for my health, well-being and recovery. I cannot recommend him highly enough – especially to those no longer young or necessarily ‘fighting fit’ who might perhaps feel intimidated or reticent to seek this sort of help. They should not feel any concern of this sort with this practitioner. Practically speaking ‘money well spent’. My knee will never be 100% again as the deterioration is probably inevitable and expected at my age. But I now know what to do to help avoid further deterioration; how to avoid or diminish pain and where to turn if I have a ‘crisis’ recurrence needing immediate and professional skilled help.
Dr P. A. Packer
“I first saw Quentin late 2011 as I had pulled my right calf muscle. I had a major running event planned for March 2012 and really wanted and needed it to be fixed.I was taking part in the Jurassic Coast Challenge, 3 Ultra marathons over 3 days, along the some of the steepest terrain in the UK, so my calf needed to be 100% or I wouldn’t even enter.
With my goal in mind and Quentin’s obvious sporting knowledge he worked on my calf using all the “tools” in the box. From deep tissue massaging, friction work and laser treatment. I saw him pretty well once every two weeks then once a week

As well as my own homework (calf stretching and muscle specific work) my calf begun to feel much much better.

By the middle of Feb 2012 (the final cut off for entering the event) we both felt the calf was as good as it was going to be so I entered. The calf muscle didn’t even twinge one bit during the races, not a single pull over the 3 tough days, so I was 100% happy!!!

I can’t recommend Quentin enough and have done already to many clients who all say the same thing, simply, ” He’s good isn’t he”.”
PT Pete, personal trainer

“I injured my foot two years ago such that there was only one pair of shoes I could wear and I could only walk for more than 10mins. I saw an ankle specialist and then a neurologist over a period of a year and was told I had damaged the nerve pathways and also I had CRPS which should get better in time! Matthew was treating me periodically for ‘wear and tear’ problems with my neck and back. I asked Matthew if he could help with my foot and he found a mechanical problem as well which he could cure in 6 sessions and he did! Now I can walk for 4 miles and I am starting to wear different shoes.”
“I’m really impressed with the communication and after care Sundial provides!”
Gemma C
“Thank you to Ben at the sundial who made me human again! I had been suffering really horrible pain for over a month on one side of my neck coupled with a burning sensation in my ear and headaches too. Ben has cured me in just two sessions – he’s a miracle worker! Thanks ben :-)”
Michelle Agha
“I have had chronic back pain since 2003 and I have tried other chiropractors in Brighton, osteopaths, chinese herbal medicine, treatment under the NHS, etc. The treatment under the care of Ben Clark is superb; better than any other. I highly rate this practice. Many thanks.”
“I suffer from neck and back pain and after a few physiotherapy sessions I decided to try something else because I was not improving. They were very friendly and extremely professional. Explained in detail the causes of my condition gave me some useful advice and made my pain go away in a very gentle manner.

Got an email from them the same day, with additional information and exercises to do. I am very pleased with my visit and treatment and I will definitely go again to ensure my neck and back pain does not return.”

“Sundial is the best chiropractor in the whole of Brighton. I have been to many before and not had much luck. But with Sundial they sorted the problem out in record time. I recommend anyone with back problems to come to them. The service you receive is faultless and they take time to explain everything to you.”
Adam Inkpin-Leissner
“Perhaps what I most appreciate is the holistic approach to health often neglected in traditional medicine. “
Anne S
“I came to the chiropractic clinic suffering from neck pain and headaches every day or two. Regular treatments have freed me from this menace. I still need treatment but pain no longer dominates my life.”
Mary O
“I sustained a car accident which threw my jaw, spine and hips out of alignment. With chiropractic care I was soon back to work and able to enjoy swimming and tennis.”
Jill D
“Miracle workers. I called in an enormous amount of pain and was seen that day. Now I go every month without fail. The benefits are outstanding.”
Julliette H
“My neck had been aching constantly for 4 years. I had to stop dancing and driving became difficult. Physiotherapy did not help and the GP said I would have to learn to live with it. Treatment sorted my neck problem out very quickly and it hardly ever aches now. I have also been able to back to ballet and belly dancing!”
Corrine S
“…chiropractic has been demonstrated to be more effective for the management of lower back painthan conventional hospital outpatient care”
British Medical Journal, 2004
“After my baby was born I had a back, leg and arm pain. Chiropractic sorted out all the symptoms even thing I thought could not be related to my back. I would definitely recommend it.”
Lynette T
(* Lynette’s leg and arm pain was not radiating from the spine)
“It has just made me a happier person since I am not in constant pain. It is just a shame I did not discover chiropractic sooner.”
Lorraine P
“I endured daily headaches for years. Visits to doctors, Migraine specialists, Dentists and Opticians found nothing and I simply took prescription drugs daily to keep pain at bay. I had accepted that headaches were a part of daily life. I first received Chiropractic care following a motor accident resulting in neck pain. Various mis-alignments were found and several adjustments needed. Discomfort got worse at first (but I had been warned about this!).

However, after a couple of weeks I was stunned to realise that not only was the neck pain better, but the headaches had gone too. There was life without pain after all. I have recommended Chiropractic care to numerous other people and without exception all have benefited.”
Bev G

“I began to get severe back ache and neck problems. The treatment was excellent and produced immediate relief. With the underlying problem diagnosed and a treatment programme in place I am going from strength to strength.. I am really pleased about the progress.”
John T
“…Makes life so much more enjoyable.”
Roy W

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