Catherine Crane
MSc DC, chiropractor

About Catherine

After a sky-diving accident with the Red Devils left me with severe whiplash, I sought treatment with a chiropractor.  As a new patient, I was amazed by the results as it helped me so much and consequently I  decided to embark on a career as a chiropractor!

In 2004, after a four year Bachelor’s degree at The Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (University of South Wales), I qualified as a chiropractor and started my career.

In order to gain as much experience as possible from different mentors, I worked as an associate throughout the UK. Several years later, I opened up my own chiropractic clinics in Newton Abbot and Exeter, in Devon. Five years later, I sold these clinics to a trusted colleague and went on to pursue a Masters in Business Administration.

After the birth of my first child, I went on to work on the board of a nationwide healthcare company. We provided multidisciplinary musculoskeletal services.

However, since the outbreak of Covid-19 and as pressure on the NHS has grown, I have seen an increase in demand for chiropractic services locally. I have decided it would be more beneficial to help serve my immediate community instead and I feel very grateful to be able to serve the Brighton community where I grew up.

Techniques and experience

I have 17 years experience as a chiropractor and I am proficient in techniques such as Diversified, S.O.T (Sacral Occipital Technique), Activator Method, NSA (Network Spinal Analysis), SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration), Dry Needling, Massage, CBP (Chiropractic Biophysics of Posture) to name a few. I am able to adapt my techniques and approach to best serve you, the patient, so that you feel happy and comfortable with your treatment.

My speciality is biomechanics of the lower limb (foot, knee, hip and spine) and I am an expert in foot and gait analysis. I have extensive experience prescribing tailor-made insoles (orthotics) to correct foot function and alleviate pain in the lower limb or spine.

I live in Hassocks with my family and I have a young daughter who is 3 years old. I enjoy walking my Bernese Mountain dog on the South Downs and on the beach. Since lockdown I have turned my hands to cooking and creating home-cooked curries.


I have had many positive testimonials and reviews throughout my 17 years experience. You are in safe hands!
” I was having headaches for two days every week until I saw Catherine for chiropractic. Since then, my headaches are now gone” – A.S, Devon.
“I initially went to Catherine about my feet. I had plantar fasciitis, it was excruciating. The insoles Catherine prescribed me cured me of it! Not only that, the back pain I have been suffering with for 20 years has also improved. Thank you very much”. A.H, Devon
“I am in construction and my job involves heavy lifting and bending. I have chosen to have chiropractic on a monthly basis to help prevent things getting worse and to keep me supple enough to keep working. It really helps!” L.F, Devon