Ben Clark
MSc DC, Chiropractor

01273 696 414

About Ben

I graduated from AECC in Bournemouth in 2004 and then worked in a private practice in Fulham before moving to Brighton.  As well as using standard chiropractic techniques I also use low level laser therapy, dry needling and physical rehabilitation exercises.

These techniques reduce pain from joints, muscles and nerves for effective and therefore affordable treatment outcomes. My primary concern is with the correct diagnosis, as everyone is different, and then to educate my patients about the reason they have pain so they can easily focus on helping themselves get better and to stay well.

I ran the Brighton marathon in 2011 and have always taken a keen interest in running related injuries.

A patient of Ben’s says…

“My back problems have been on and off for close to 10yrs.  Recently, the pain reached a critical point which was extremely debilitating.  Both physically and mentally.  Anyone who has had a bad back will understand that level of depression and how it affects everything in your life.

In the past I’ve used chiropractors, osteopaths and other forms of medicine to help relieve the pain.  Some proved a quick fix and allowed me to continue but with mild suffering.  However, the pain always returned, and then got to a critical point where I needed some more serious intervention and professionalism.  Then I met Ben.

Ben’s whole approach from the outset was fantastic.  He empathised and explained in clear detail how he intended to fix the problem.  Ben’s very open and friendly manner that put me at ease.  Ben explained what he thought the likely problem was.  How I’d got there in the first instance and how he intended on treating me.  Ben’s approach is about a long term fix and only once I was clear in my mind on treatment would Ben proceed.  This clarity really helped in my recovery.

I strongly recommends Ben work.  Having spent 10yrs looking for a decent chiropractor both in London and Brighton I am so happy I discovered Ben.  He has literally changed my life.  With a young family I got to a point where I felt I wasn’t going to enjoy the times I expected to.   I couldn’t even pick them up as babies without excruciating pain.   Now I’m enjoying family life, doing sports that I had written off as impossible and mentally in a much better place. Thank you Ben”

George Hillier