Sundial visits Sussex Beacon

brighton-chiropractors-matthew-bennett-and-richard-hollis-visit-sussex-beaconRichard and Matthew visited the Sussex Beacon recently. As keen supporters of the Beacon they were wanted to understand more about the amazing work going on there. They were shown around by Jason Warriner, Clinical Services Director, who explained the range of services provided by the Beacon which includes specialist care and support for people living with HIV. The service promotes independence and improve health and wellbeing by providing inpatient and outpatient services. The charity is  funded through donations as well as receiving some local NHS funding .

Richard said “The Sussex Beacon is an impressive organisation providing much needed support for people living with HIV. We love working with the Beacon and helping then achieve their goals by assisting with fundraising.”

Richard and Matthew learned that living with HIV can lead to complex health needs that require timely intervention from several health professionals. The 10-bed inpatient unit is well utilised and the other therapies and services provide a lifeline to many people experiencing the stress of coping with ill health.

Matthew said “The Beacon has a huge range of people with different skills working here. The dedicated staff make a massive impact on the lives of those with HIV. On top of that, they work with a cheery attitude that makes the Beacon a wonderful place to be.”

Sundial supports the Beacon by providing massage therapy at the Vitality Half Marathon here in Brighton. Last year Sundial carried out over 200 massages in three hours using 45 volunteers from Brighton Medical School physio course. During the day Sundial raised over £2000 to support the event. David Hill who organises the race also accompanied Matthew and Richard.

As preferred provider, Sundial also offers physiotherapy and chiropractic to Sussex Beacon runners at preferential rates. Sundial physio, James Masterson, also offers training and recovery tips for runners.

The next Vitality Brighton Half Marathon 2017 is on Sunday 26 February and entries are open now.

From left to right in photo above: Jason Warriner, Richard Hollis, Matthew Bennett, David Hill.


Matthew meets Minister at House of Commons

Matthew meets Minister Justin Tomlinson
Matthew meets Minister Justin Tomlinson

Sundial Principal, Matthew Bennett, recently attended a reception at the House of Commons and met a minister and several MPs as well as representatives from the MSK community. He was invited as President of the British Chiropractic Association to the launch of the new Arthritis Research UK report – Working with Arthritis. This report laid out the extent of conditions including back pain, osteoarthritis and other inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and the impact this has on work.

Matthew met Justin Tomlinson MP, Minister for Disabled People who said “Supporting disabled people into work is a priority for this government which is why our Access to Work grants are available throughout people’s careers.

“I strongly encourage employers and employees to take up this support so that we can reduce the disability employment gap and make sure everyone benefits from being in work.”

The Minister went on to say that the government was providing a further 25,000 places this year in addition to the 37,000 places currently available on the Access to Work scheme. This scheme helps especially small and medium-sized businesses provide support and to make adjustments to the working environment to get disabled people back to work and to keep them in work.

At a national level, the need to address MSK conditions in a work context is clear. Only two thirds of working age people with a musculoskeletal condition are in work and these conditions are now leading the cause of sickness absence, resulting in a fifth of all absence-around 3.6 million working days lost each year. Back pain alone cost the economy an estimated £10 billion each year. The burden of MSK conditions is likely to worsen as the population ages and people are expected to lead longer working lives.

The report highlighted that people with MSK conditions often make adaptations so that they can keep working. Some choose to change the type of work they do, reduce their hours, or become self-employed changing duties, flexible arrangements which allow people to work in comfortable settings and pace activity, and the ability to take emergency leave can help people with arthritis to stay in work.

Matthew Bennett said “The reception was a wonderful opportunity to meet the Minister and MPs and hear their views on the importance of MSK conditions. It is clear that the government is taking this problem very seriously

“Chiropractors have a key role in treating not only spine related MSK conditions but also advising and supporting people with other inflammatory conditions and osteoporosis. The BCA is committed to working with all stakeholders in the MSK community. Indeed, our vision is to become the leader in spine care and to work collaboratively to achieve this.”

Arthritis research UK is the charity dedicated to stopping the impact that arthritis has on people’s lives. Their focus is on reducing the pain and keeping people active. Their remit covers all conditions which affect the joints bones and muscles including back pain osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. They fund research into the cause, treatment and cure of arthritis and they provide information on how to maintain healthy joints and bones and how to live well with arthritis. Along with BCA they are members of ARMA.