Lose weight and get fit. No gym. No monthly fees. No Sweat.

Do you want to lose weight and get fit this year? Do you hate gyms and fad diets? Then have a look at our new Sundial fitness and weight loss program.

A personalised exercise routine and a diet plan prescribed by experts to do at home. Targeted for quick results. Like your own personal trainer without the cost.

How to lose weight and get fit

Losing weight and getting fit is easy if you follow a few simple rules. Calorie counting has been shown to have limited value in weight loss and staying slim. All sorts of fad diets have come and gone but the same basic rules still apply – it’s more about what you eat than how much you eat.

Did you know…

Slogging away on an exercise bike or pounding the streets jogging has limited value in losing weight. Studies have shown that with increased exercise your hunger increases and you eat more. Reducing your calories in this situation will lead to weight loss as you starve yourself but the weight will pile back on again as soon as you start eating normally.

New Sundial fitness and weight loss program.

You will have:-

  • a fitness assessment with our expert physio Quentin
  • personalised exercise programme to do at home
  • free diet and nutrition programme
  • free talk from our nutritionist Shirley
  • free reassessment a few weeks later

Fitness Assessment

First of all, we will ask about your goals for the program and to find what is right for you. We will then take you through an assessment based on those goals to identify the key areas to work on to get quick results. This may include tests for fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility and posture as well, as weight and BMI.

Personalised exercise program.

Based on the findings in the fitness assessment we will recommend a program of exercises to achieve your goals in the privacy of your own home. These will be simple, achievable and short. Depending on your level of fitness to start with the program may only last a few minutes a few times a week. You will start noticing improvements in your fitness, strength and flexibility within the first couple of weeks.

Diet and nutrition program.

We will give you a few simple rules to follow with a clear explanation of why this is the best diet to follow for you. You will not have to buy any special drinks or supplements, but simply eat as much nourishing, healthy food as you like, following our guidelines. This will be backed up with a talk followed by a question and answer session with our nutritionist Shirley.


A few weeks later we will reassess key areas of your fitness, BMI and diet and make recommendations to take you to the next level.

Trial offer fee £36

Limited time. Limited places available. Normally £80.

Call for an appointment.

How long you decide to follow the diet and exercises is up to you. We believe that once you see the results you will want to keep going by yourself. We will always be here to help you if you need more motivation, more variety in the exercises or want to change your goals. After all, there’s always the Brighton Marathon!

Weight loss, how to get fit and healthy: 6 top tips to improve success

Nutritionist BrightonWeight loss, how to get fit and being generally healthier often form part of our New Year’s resolutions. Most New Year’s resolutions will fail, but these simple tips should improve your success dramatically.

Changing habits of a lifetime is quite tricky, especially where weight loss is concerned. Most of our behaviour and our choices come from our subconscious mind, so these long established patterns don’t respond to simply thinking about them. Even once a pattern is changed, if a familiar trigger is encountered, then the same behaviour can be triggered too.

Keeping resolutions: top tips

1. Identify the trigger

If a particular time or place tends to make you reach for the biscuit tin, then recognising it helps you to do something about it. Our brains use automated responses to speed up our ability to choose. Unfortunately, this automation can lead us to make unhealthy choices again and again.

2. Substitute the habit

Just thinking about not doing something doesn’t help. The more you think about not doing it the more you want to do it! The best hope is to substitute the behaviour for something more desirable e.g. instead of reaching for a biscuit reach for a carrot or some nuts. Here’s more diet advice.

3. Plan ahead

Once you identify the trigger and how you going to change the habit make a commitment to yourself to do the substitute behaviour. If you really want to get motivated then tell friends, family and work colleagues about your plan.

4. Think negatively

Write down all the negative aspects of the behaviour you want to change to help motivate you. Also write down all the positive things of the desirable behaviour. This simple technique has been shown to help improve motivation.

5. Think big

Think about the important things in your life like family, your partner your work or some other higher core value and think about how your poor habits will impact those ideals.

6. Start small

If you try to make a massive change all in one go, you are likely to fail. Break a bigger problem down into small bite sized chunks. For example, if you’re concerned about your weight, start changing your snacks between meals. Do that for a couple of weeks and then change what you eat for breakfast and so on.

Here at Sundial, we will be announcing a Health and Wellness package which will include fitness assessments, weight loss help as well as other care and support to help you achieve your goals in the coming year.


Making Habits, Breaking Habits: Why We Do Things, Why We Don’t, and How to Make Any Change Stick. Jeremy Dean (Da Capo Lifelong Books)