Brighton Marathon Training Advice

Antony, the Sundial physio here in Brighton recently attended a pre-marathon meeting to give advice to charity runners who are giving their sweat and blood to race the next Brighton Marathon in April 2011. They have kindly given their time to run for the The Rockinghorse Appeal. A talk was given by personal trainers, a nutritionist and Antony from a physiotherapy perspective. They offered advice on the top tips to complete this gruelling but rewarding challenge without injury. Continue reading “Brighton Marathon Training Advice”

Tips to prevent back and shoulder pains in photographers

Photographers carrying lots of gear get neck and shoulder painsBack pain, neck pain, shoulder and arm pain are common in photographers. Unlike many other pursuits photography pains are not confined to those of us who dabble occasionally with their SLR and who are therefore ‘unfit’ with the crouching postures, running for shots or even just the transporting of the camera. Continue reading “Tips to prevent back and shoulder pains in photographers”

Top tips to avoid back pain when moving house

Everyone knows that moving house is listed as one of the top 3 most stressful events of anyone’s life, following closely behind  bereavement and marriage.   Having just moved house and recently said “I do” within a month of each other myself I can certainly vouch for that! But taking action to minimise the physical stresses will ensure that the transition into your new house is as smooth as possible and leaves you with only boxes to unpack not a need for painkillers and  avoidable chiropractic appointments. Continue reading “Top tips to avoid back pain when moving house”