Headaches - the hidden cause

Headaches – the hidden cause

Anyone who has suffered from regular headaches knows how unpleasant and disrupting they can be. Many headache sufferers find it difficult to concentrate, to work or even carry out simple activities without feeling grumpy. Jamie’s story Jamie came to me here at Sundial because of six years of headaches that were affecting his work and his…

Back pain treatment needs a rethink

Back pain treatment needs a rethink

Back pain patients in Brighton and Hove might be able to access chiropractic and osteopathy on the NHS next year. The local Clinical Commissioning Group is currently considering this option. This will give local residents access to a wider range of treatments than are available currently. An article in the British Medical Journal two years…

Soreness after chiropractic care

Soreness after chiropractic care

Mild adverse reactions to chiropractic care are quite common. Sometimes this is normal, in much the same way that soreness after unaccustomed exercise can occur. A new study sheds further light on what might be considered normal in conditions like back and neck pain that tends to come and go anyway. Researchers at Murdoch University…

Headaches in children part 2 - treatment

Headaches in children part 2 – treatment

Headaches in children are common. What can be done to help? Here at Sundial our first line of treatment is chiropractic care. We often find joints at the top of the neck have become stiff or locked. The nerves around the joints get irritated and can lead to muscle spasm which can cause childhood headaches.…

Headaches – Which type of headache is it?

Headaches – Which type of headache is it?

If you are suffering from regular headaches the chances are that you regularly use painkillers to help alleviate the pain. You may also be taking anti-inflammatory medication or if you’re getting migraine headaches other exotic combinations of drugs. This headache treatment may help with the symptoms but does not address the underlying cause of the…

Runners MOT - New

Runners MOT – New

Most runners know that a good warm-up and warm down routine, including stretches, is likely to minimise the risk of injury whilst running. In spite of this, the injury rate in runners is still too high, especially knee injuries. Runners are increasingly us to help prevent injuries as well as treating them once they have…

Acupuncture & Chiropractic recommended on the NHS

NICE, an advisory body to the NHS, are actively recommending alternative therapies for the treatment of ongoing back pain.