Chronic Conditions

Most people get great results with chiropractic or physiotherapy care. If, however, you have had a condition for a long time there are often permanent changes to the structure of joints and muscles which make it difficult to return to the same state you were in maybe 20 years go. An example of this might be in someone with osteoarthritis which can cause ongoing problems. Such conditions can be bothersome but need not be a life sentence.

Here at Sundial we are dedicated to getting you as good as you can be in as short a time as possible. When we have achieved the goals we have set together at the outset we will talk about ongoing care to keep you as pain free and as active as possible. We will suggest a schedule of periodic check-ups where we can keep your spine, other joints and muscles in tip-top shape. We will provide progressive exercises and suggest lifestyle and posture changes to support you. We see this phase of care as supporting you make the changes to maintain maximum improvement rather than you relying on us to to treat you for a regularly re-occurring condition.

We will work with your other health providers like your GP, consultant or physio to get the most out of your care. We will refer you to other practitioners where needed as well as giving you a second opinion on recommendations you may have been given if it falls within our area of expertise.

We see our role in enabling you to live as active and healthy life as possible. Our expertise in joint and muscle problems put us in a great position to keep you doing the things you love to do untroubled by aches and pains that can spoil the experience.

We stick to the Royal College of Chiropractors Quality Standard on Supportive Self-management for Chronic Conditions. We will regularly review your goals, progress and care to make sure you are getting the most out of what we are doing for you. How long you decide to keep on our maintenance care program is up to you but most people with long-term conditions, once they see the benefits for themselves, keep going.

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