Hayley Johnson

Hayley JohnsonMy journey with Mindfulness began through yoga around 10 years ago. With practice I noticed how my emotional wellbeing was supported and difficult feelings, such as stress that were arising for me at the time, were eased. This relief and ease inspired increasing curiosity in my mental wellbeing, which lead me to complete Mindfulness based creative and cognitive therapy courses. It was in my journey through these courses that I experienced further benefits of mindfulness practice: more mind and body awareness, feeling less stressed and dealing with feelings of anxiety. This fuelled my interest in Mindfulness practices and guided me to completing teacher training in relaxation, meditation and Mindfulness.

I am now a member of the CThA and a run six week Mindfulness courses at Sundial. These are designed to guide others to better awareness and understanding of their physical and mental wellbeing, coping with difficulty should it arise and assisting them in restoring internal balance.

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