Alice Francese

Alice Francese M(Chiro)
Alice Francese M(Chiro)

I grew up in a small town in the north of Italy where people never move much further than a few miles away. It has therefore been a challenge to undertake a chiropractic career as it meant, for a start, to move abroad to study for five years. But I did!

After spending two years at the French college in Paris, I transferred to Bournemouth where I qualified with Distinction from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic. This revealed to be a great choice as now I can also speak French!

My first encounter with this wonderful healthcare profession happened when I was fifteen. My father brought me to see a chiropractor for a check up of my back and I was astonished by his knowledge and comprehensive approach.

Since then I understood that the body is a wonderful artwork of synergy and not just a collection of systems or organs independent from one another. This is something that I keep in mind when assessing people’s complaints, whether they are a sportsman, an infant, or just an ordinary person like me.

I know how fundamental it is to be able not to give up those little things that are important in one’s life and how these goals differ from person to person. There are things that are taken for granted by some, but that could mean much to others: to sleep on your favourite side, to pick up a child and hold him/her tight, to collect something on the floor without any help, to concentrate on something without having a headache, and many other “small things”. It is because of this awareness that I do my best to make a difference.

Some of my favourite hobbies are dancing, painting, playing music and baking!

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