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We opened Sundial with a simple idea – to provide the best care for bad backs, shoulders, knees and necks. We have not lost sight of that idea more than twenty years later. But what does that mean to our patients, more that 20,000 of whom have visited us over the years. As with most complex things the answer is a simple one – the quickest access,  the most effective care, the best results. That’s our aim and everything we do supports that aim.

The first Sundial Clinic opened in Queens Road, Brighton in 1991. Matthew Bennett set the clinic up offering chiropractic care and then massage. Richard Hollis joined Sundial in 2007 and set up the St James’s Street clinic. This was taken over in 2018 by Ben Clark after 13 years of working at Sundial Queens Road. Physiotherapy was added to both clinics in 2009 to provide a more complete service. Now a range of other services are also available.

We love what we do. We have spent years in training, learning what works best. We are constantly studying the latest research, refining  and improving what we do so we can help our patients get better fast. We see our role as guiding our patients to the best practitioner for their problem whether that is someone on our staff or elsewhere. We work with our patients with exercise, diet and postural advice as well as preventative measures to stop the problem coming back.

If you haven’t been to us before and have aches and pains you’d rather be without – we can help. We’d love to hear from you.


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